Re: [eigen] Parameters in Levenberg Marquard algorithm of wrong type?

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Hi Thomas!

Thanks for the support. If you are busy, I can also suggest a patch and send it to you for review, since I had to make some changes already to make my interface compile.

While looking at the code, some quesions arose:

- Is there a reason why all local temporary variables (e.g temp, temp1, pnorm...) are defined as class members, instead of defining locally where needed?

- There are some expressions like e.g. pnorm / Scalar(0.1), probably because the original code defined 0.1 as static constant. Would it not improve readability to replace this by Scalar(10.) * pnorm?


On 16/03/12 20:16, orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Mmh, indeed, i've never considered complex with those. You probably
right, I'll check about patching this


On 15/03/2012 18:34, "Claas H. Köhler" wrote:

Has anybody ever tried to use the LevenbergMarquardt class of the
unsupported NonLinearOptimization module with complex values? I am
asking, because all parameters specified in the Parameters struct are
of type Scalar, which would result in std::complex<double>  values.
However, if I am not mistaken, these values should be real quantities,
even if the underlying problem is complex.

Furthermore comparisons of the form
if (parameters.ftol<  0.) {...}
are used, while operator<  should not be defined for complex values at

Would it not be preferable to use NumTraits<Scalar>::Real instead for
the parameters?


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