Re: [eigen] Eigen 3.0.5 Could NOT find FFTW (missing: FFTW_INCLUDES)

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Hello Gael!

On 14/03/12 19:37, Gael Guennebaud wrote:
thanks for the patch.

I'm willing to apply it but I have a question though: what's the rationale for:

CMAKE_FIND_LIBRARY_SUFFIXES is a global variable used by FIND_LIBRARY. Suppose you just want one library to be linked statically, and thus set e.g. FFTW_USE_STATIC_LIBS to true, then as a result CMAKE_FIND_LIBRARY_SUFFIX will be changed to ".a" on linux systems. Thus all consecutive calls to FIND_LIBRARY will return static libs as well, which is probably not intended. To prevent this, I save the content before modifying and reset it to its original value later. I admit that this is not a perfect solution. So if you have improvements in mind, please let me know.

(I also removed the include_directories() from the FindFFTW.cmake module)..
Where did that call occur in FindFFTW.cmake? It is true that it should not be there, so its safe to remove it. However I am a bit surprised, since my patched version does not contain a call to include_directories(). The only place were I remember to add it, was in

By the way: While reviewing my code, I found another bug in this file:

    ei_add_test(FFTW  "-DEIGEN_FFTW_DEFAULT" "fftw3;fftw3f" )

has to be changed to



2012/3/12 "Claas H. Köhler"<claas.koehler@xxxxxx>:
Attached find the patch. The changes in FindFFTW also incurred some changes
in unsupported/test/CMakeLists.txt, which are also included.

It might be a good idea to have it reviewed, before it is committed. Since
this is the first time I contribute to eigen, I do not know, what your
procedures are. If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me.


On 12/03/12 03:10, Mark Borgerding wrote:

Please do so. It's almost as if the original author of the FindFFTW
script had no clue about CMake ;)

On 03/11/2012 12:50 PM, Claas H. Köhler wrote:

Hi, to whom it may concern:

Eigen seems to be always problematic under Windows.
I'm trying to use the released version 3.0.5 . However, when I tried
to configure Eigen using CMake 2.8.7 GUI>  under Window7 (32bit),
it's weird there is no "FFTW_INCLUDES" for me to specify,.

I encountered a similar problem under linux. The problem is, that
findFFTW does not allow to specify a FFTW_ROOT variable, which
overrides the cmake find results. I was able to patch the necessary
cmake files to get things working on my system, which I can post, if
you are interested.


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