[eigen] wiki broken

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The wiki doesn't currently work at all. This is because Tuxfamily just
upgraded their web servers and the new PHP version is incompatible
with our old version of Mediawiki. The fix is to upgrade our version
of Mediawiki. Tomorrow is a holiday in Canada and I'll do it then,
unless someone beats me to it.

Let me take this occasion to mention two other things I'd like to deploy soon:
 - bugzilla 4.2 (we currently are on 3.6)
 - mozilla DXR whenever it's ready. Very very promising source search
/ crossreference tool based on LLVM.


PS. according to tuxfamily admins, the server log says:
PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_NAMESPACE, expecting
T_STRING in /data/web/75/91/37/eigen.tuxfamily.org/htdocs/includes/Namespace.php
on line 49

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