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Thanks to Gradator at Tuxfamily, this is working again but the News
extension had to be disabled for now.
Still want to do the mediawiki update ASAP.


2011/6/30 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> The wiki doesn't currently work at all. This is because Tuxfamily just
> upgraded their web servers and the new PHP version is incompatible
> with our old version of Mediawiki. The fix is to upgrade our version
> of Mediawiki. Tomorrow is a holiday in Canada and I'll do it then,
> unless someone beats me to it.
> Let me take this occasion to mention two other things I'd like to deploy soon:
>  - bugzilla 4.2 (we currently are on 3.6)
>  - mozilla DXR whenever it's ready. Very very promising source search
> / crossreference tool based on LLVM.
> Benoit
> PS. according to tuxfamily admins, the server log says:
> PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_NAMESPACE, expecting
> T_STRING in /data/web/75/91/37/eigen.tuxfamily.org/htdocs/includes/Namespace.php
> on line 49

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