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On 21.08.2010 04:08, Li Wei wrote:
I think many fellow researchers are in the mailing list and maybe tired of
matlab. So maybe we can form a group to design the
optimization(linear/non-linear) library to support such need.

Actually I wrote a pretty generic Non-Linear Sparse Least Squares Framework [1] for my Diplomarbeit [2]. (To repeat the whole title, also using manifolds, i.e. somewhat elegantly handling things like 3D-orientations)

It's originally based on some hand-coded small-size types and CXSparse [3] for handling sparse matrices. I recently ported it to use Eigen::Matrix and Eigen::Quaternion, replacing my hand-coded types. As soon as the Sparse Module of Eigen gets stable, (and I get some time) I might also switch to that -- and update it at [1]. I don't want to make the current code toooo publically available at the moment (it's hardly documented and needs quite some cleanup), but I could send a link to the current development to interested users.

Regards, Christoph

[1] SLoM, Sparse Least Squares on Manifolds:
[2] A Framework for Sparse Non-Liniear Least Squares Problems on Manifolds:
[3] CXSparse, part of 'suitesparse' package in many distros, or available here:

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