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Thanks a lot for getting this rolling. I like a lot of stuff in it, so
I will only mention some nitpicks:

"How to "install" Eigen?"

In this paragraph could you also mention that the header files are not
configured headers, and are the same for all platforms.

"A simple first program"

I would not use rightCols() here, if only because it's one of these
function names that i'm only 99% happy about: it might sound strange.
Also because I feel that block operatios can be deferred for the
bigger tutorial. Some basic coeff access and arithmetic should be
enough here.

"Compiling and running your first program"

I'd say mention explicitly that there is no library to link to: we've
had users who needed this to be repeated to them a few times.

"Explanation of the first program"

* "for simple applications it may be enough to use only the MatrixXd type"
 ---> actually I think that this short tutorial needs to give a second
example with VectorXd.

The explanation about the Dense/Core headers can be deferred to the
longer tutorial. This room can be used for the VectorXd example, and
even, why not, for a 3rd example showing some fixed-size Matrix2d.


2010/6/14 Jitse Niesen <jitse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hello,
> I had a quick go at the 5-minute "Getting Started" guide yesterday. For the
> moment, I uploaded the result at
> Motivation:
> * I tried to keep it as short as possible
> * Avoid common mistakes (so I include <Eigen/Dense> )
> * I only use MatrixXd because I think that's enough for many applications
> * I think the current tutorial assumes a too sophisticated audience; my
>  page is thus much simpler (perhaps too simple?)
> Any comments?
> I also took Benoit's email and some other sources and produced an outline of
> the documentation that we should / could write on the wiki:
> I hope that this helps us with planning and organization. If you have ideas
> please jot them down there.
> Cheers,
> Jitse

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