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Thanks for all the comments. I updated the Getting Started guide in the light of it; as you can see on

On Tue, 15 Jun 2010, Benoit Jacob wrote:

In this paragraph could you also mention that the header files are not
configured headers, and are the same for all platforms.

I don't understand what you mean with "configured" here.

"A simple first program"

I would not use rightCols() here, if only because it's one of these
function names that i'm only 99% happy about: it might sound strange.

Hmm, I notice now that I used columnIndex, writing out "column" in full. Perhaps that is a sign. For the rest I don't see anything wrong with the name rightCols.

Also because I feel that block operatios can be deferred for the
bigger tutorial. Some basic coeff access and arithmetic should be
enough here.

Yes, I was torn between that and showing that the Eigen API can do some non-trivial stuff. It's gone now.

---> actually I think that this short tutorial needs to give a second
example with VectorXd.


The explanation about the Dense/Core headers can be deferred to the
longer tutorial. This room can be used for the VectorXd example, and
even, why not, for a 3rd example showing some fixed-size Matrix2d.

Hmm, I'd like to keep it to two examples. And I'm not sure how necessary it is for users to learn about fixed-size types. The main advantage is that they're faster, but I think getting the best performance out of Eigen is too advanced a topic to treat in the short GettingStarted tutorial.

In the end, I decided to give a dynamic-size and fixed-size program side-by-side, so that we still have only two examples.


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