[eigen] Matrix product between some MatrixType and triangularView<UnitLower>

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I fixed the issue I had that prevent me from getting a working

implementation of QR Householder decomposition, and apply Householder on

the left/right function.

However, Im' currently facing another issue : my implementation is slower

than the unblocked version of theses functions, because I'm relying on the

"triangularView" template.

As I understand, matrix.triangularView() does not copy the matrix object,

and provides some comfort. However, the following

applyBlockHouseholderOnTheLeft function does trigger a segfault :

  template<typename Derived, typename OtherDerived = Matrix<

      typename Derived::Scalar, Derived::ColsAtCompileTime, Dynamic> >

    class HHutilities



      typedef Matrix<typename Derived::Scalar, Derived::ColsAtCompileTime,

          Derived::ColsAtCompileTime> TriangularFactorType;

      typedef typename ei_plain_diag_type<Derived>::type CoeffVect;



      BlockHouseholderTriangularFactor(const Derived& V,

          const CoeffVect& coeffs,const Derived& VV)


        const int k = V.cols();

        ei_assert(V.cols()==k && V.rows()>=k && "Vector storing Matrix

must have same columns than coeffs size and more rows than columns");

        TriangularFactorType ret = TriangularFactorType::Zero(k, k);

        const int j = V.rows();

        for (int i = 0; i < k; i++)


            ret.block(0, i, i, 1) = -  coeffs(i)

                * V.block(i, 0, j - i, i).transpose() * V.block(i, i, j -

i, 1);

            ret.block(0, i, i, 1) = ret.block(0, 0, i, i) * ret.block(0,

i, i,


            ret(i, i) = coeffs(i);


        return ret;




      applyBlockHouseholderOnTheLeft(OtherDerived& A, const Derived& V,

          const CoeffVect& coeffs)


  	  const TriangularView<Derived,UnitLower>& Vtmp = V.template

triangularView<UnitLower> ();

        const TriangularFactorType& T =



        A -= Vtmp * T.transpose() * Vtmp.transpose() * A;



With OtherDerived=Block<MatrixType>, and


I'm forced to make a copy of the TriangularView :

const Derived& Vtmp(V.template triangularView<UnitLower> ());

(instead of 

const TriangularView<Derived,UnitLower>& Vtmp = V.template

triangularView<UnitLower> ()


to get my code to work. However, this is a bad workaround, as it makes an

additional copy.

The overhead is not that big (0.1 s on an old P4 3Ghz for a 256x256

matrix), but it should not be there, as theoricaly, blocked computation are

better on big matrix...So I hope to improve things if I can get rid of this

avoidable matrix copy.



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