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Thomas, Joel, how good (fast) is the generated code?

GCC's been ready for metaprogramming since 3.3 but only started giving
really good performance at 4.2...


2010/5/21 joel falcou <joel.falcou@xxxxxx>:
> Thomas Capricelli wrote:
>> You might have heard about the recent news that clang is now able to
>> compile boost. This was specifically targetted by the clang dev as boost is
>> a heavy user of c++/templates and is known to push compilers to their
>> limits. Also, i think they patched boost by themselves when needed.
>> Nevertheless, this is a very great step for them.
>> This made me going for another attempt to test this on eigen.. and after
>> some fixes, i can now compile most of the test ( i would say ~80%). The few
>> ones i've run did actually pass.
>> My own project, based on eigen, can now compile entirely with clang/llvm,
>> even using sse3, though i have one little problem: it seems that enabling
>> sse3 makes my code segfault on the part using sse3... I'll test this some
>> more.
>> regards,
>> Thomas
> NT² compile son clang since last bosot'con thansk to Doug Gregor. On the
> SSEx part, beware that currently, some alignment related clang code is not
> patched yet. We're working with the clang guy on that.
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