[eigen] rvalue refs - std::swap

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Hi guys,

since the VC10 beta 2 is out, I gave it a try - the new intellisense rocks and is even working with Eigen...

This is regarding the following commit: http://bitbucket.org/eigen/eigen2/changeset/b065d9733716/

It is simply such that it is not as easy as I initially thought and to get it right it requires more work which I will do when I have some spare time.

Some of our expressions are returned as const expressions and thus we will need

swap(_expression_ const &&)

E.g. this code does currently not work:

Matrix4d m;

It does not even work with our current approach.

But as I said. When I have time, I will investigate this issue. At least our code is now compiling again when rvalue reference support is detected.

- Hauke

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