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My shiny birthday release! It's all broken already! Well, there was an
issue in the pkg-config code that was preventing "make install" from
working. The fix existed in the development branch and wasn't
backported to 2.0.

Anyway... eigen 2.0.8 is released.

The source archive is at:

Changes since 2.0.7:

    * fix installation error introduced in 2.0.7: it was choking on
the pkg-config file eigen2.pc not being found. The fix had been
proposed long ago by Ingmar Vanhassel for the development branch, and
when recently the pkg-config support was back-ported to the 2.0
branch, nobody thought of backporting this fix too, and apparently
nobody tested "make install" !
    * SVD: add default constructor. Users were relying on the compiler
to generate one, and apparenty 2.0.7 triggered a little MSVC 2008
subtlety in this respect. Also added an assert.


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