Re: [eigen] Re: Rigid transformations in eigen: use of dual quaternions

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2009/9/12 Rohit Garg <rpg.314@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> But are you sure that what you're trying to do with s1*q1+s2*q2 isn't
>> just the same as slerp() ? because it looks seriously reminiscent of
>> it!
> The form is like that, but it is not slerp. That would have made my
> job so much easier :|

OK so we have several options here.

The easiest is to add a method interpolate(q1,q2,s1,s2) to Quaternion,
returning a Quaternion.
It could even take care of normalizing the result (i guess you want that too?)

Would that be enough for you?

Otherwise, if we need expression templates in Quaternion, well I think
I remember the big issue now: Quaternion already inherits
RotationBase, so it would mean multiple inheritance if it also
inherited MatrixBase. I didn't think more, so I don't know where to go
from here.

Benoit (will reply to other email later, have to go now)

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