Re: [eigen] backporting the vectorized quaternion product to 2.0 ?

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> Rationale:
> 1) it's not dangerous as long as it's covered by a unit test
> 2) it's a cool feature and as the next major version takes a long time
> to prepare, it's nice to backport some cool features.

I suggest that eigen should adopt a quick release philosophy. The gap
between 2.0 and the devel branch is now too much. It is fun to code on
the devel branch, but it is likely that such need for backports will
only increase. While a kernel style release system is out of the
question, I would certainly suggest that we move towards incremental
releases to avoid doing the same work 1.5 times.

What is the release criteria for branching off 2.1 anyway?
> Benoit

Rohit Garg

Senior Undergraduate
Department of Physics
Indian Institute of Technology

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