Re: [eigen] backporting the vectorized quaternion product to 2.0 ?

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2009/9/22 Rohit Garg <rpg.314@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> Rationale:
>> 1) it's not dangerous as long as it's covered by a unit test
>> 2) it's a cool feature and as the next major version takes a long time
>> to prepare, it's nice to backport some cool features.
> I suggest that eigen should adopt a quick release philosophy. The gap
> between 2.0 and the devel branch is now too much. It is fun to code on
> the devel branch, but it is likely that such need for backports will
> only increase. While a kernel style release system is out of the
> question, I would certainly suggest that we move towards incremental
> releases to avoid doing the same work 1.5 times.

That said, I completely agree with you that we shouldn't backport too
much, as in the long term it's only a waste of time.

I'm only backporting your code, in this case, because I enjoy to. That
doesn't have to set a rule.


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