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Hi all,

I'm looking into converting the svn repository for eigen2 to mercurial. You 
can so far follow my experiments on

It takes few hours, mostly because kde svn is a little bit slow (fortunately 
i'm not using the anonsvn, which is even slower i think).

Trunk, tags and branches are imported in the same mercurial repository. This 
is imho the best solution, but another one would be to have branches in 
different repository (with the branch repository being a clone of the main 
one, of course, sharing the common history). This way of doing is supposed to 
be typical in the dvcs world but i dont see it often actually.

The only problem so far is that the tag for eigen2 beta5 has got another copy 
to backport an important fix, and this copy was bogus. This is easily fixed by 
editing the tag file in mercurial and does not worry me. (it's done in the 
repository given at the beginning).

If you want to check/play with it, please do and report any 

You can browse the repository using the previous url, or clone it using
	hg clone

You can see how the branch look like on
(you can also see tags on the graph)

and the tags list on

You also have atom/rss for every files/directory, and bzip2/zip/gz for every 
branch/revision. git probably provides this as well.


On Friday 01 May 2009 21:31:20 Benoit Jacob wrote:
> updating you with my findings....
> i have "git svn fetch" still running and made it start right away at
> the first eigen2 revision, 669000.
> after 2 or 3 hours, it tells me a funny warning and mentions that it
> has gone through revision 723000. But the local directory is still
> empty (well, just a skeleton).
> This tells us:
> - that git-svn is traversing all revisions a first time before
> actually starting importing
> - that it really checks all revisions, even if they don't affect the
> directories i asked for
> - that this first phase is going to take at least 10 hours
> I'll let this run for the weekend. We'll see...
> Benoit
> 2009/5/1 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> > OK, I've been trying very hard to convert eigen to git, but i have
> > trouble.
> >
> > It's fairly easy to get eigen trunk on git. The problem is to get the
> > branches and tags.
> >
> > The reason why not everybody hit the same issue already, is that KDE
> > is a huge monolithic repo.
> > When I tell git-svn to look in
> > /trunk/kdesupport/eigen2
> > /branches/eigen
> > /tags/eigen
> > then "git svn fetch" just gets stalled. It will use 1%-30% CPU and do
> > network activity, but doesn't create any file on my hard disk drive,
> > and doesn't output anything in the console. I waited 5 hours.
> >
> > By contrast, if I only mention /trunk/kdesupport/eigen2, then after
> > some stupid warnings it works. So I have trunk ported to git. However
> > if I then add the branches and tags, it gets stalled again.
> >
> > I tried listing explicitly the branches and tags, so no wildcards. No
> > difference.
> >
> > Attached: .git/config and my authors file, in case you want to try.
> >
> > Meanwhile, Thomas aka orzel has been able to move eigen to Hg with no
> > problem at all, with all the tags etc.
> > So if nobody can help me with git, I'd propose using hg.
> >
> > Cheers,
> > Benoit
> >
> > 2009/4/30 Moritz Lenz <mlenz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> >> Benoit Jacob wrote:
> >>> Thanks everybody for your input.
> >>>
> >>> I'll ask github for a repository and I'll keep you posted.
> >>
> >> No need, you can simply sign up, and create one.
> >>
> >> (usually you sign up as a normal user, but you could also create an
> >> 'eigen' user so it feels a bit more official).
> >>
> >> Cheers,
> >> Moritz

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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