Re: [eigen] Final move to mercurial

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Hi everybody,

I know it's really late and maybe not interesting anymore but I simply
wanted to ask/mention anyways.

According to this supports Mercurial and according to this

it also supports various bug-tracking systems (Mantis is also used by
the Kitware guys).

As far as I know, it is all for free. Furthermore I checked this project

and since it seems to be abandoned for some time it may be taken over. calls this an APT (Abandoned Project Takeover) which
may take up to three weeks. Nonetheless one could start off with the
unix name 'eig' (resulting in
and rename it after successful APT'ing.

I really don't know what you think about this host and I am sorry to
pop-in so late with that suggestion - I just found the offer of  a
bug- and feature tracking system for free tempting. I think that would
be great since it would help to manage and rank bugs and in particular
feature requests.

- Hauke

p.s. In case you want to discuss right away, I am on IRC - craven@freenode

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