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Hi all,

We expect to do the official move to mercurial this Saturday afternoon. The 
process will be as described by Benoit on a previous mail:

1) make a tag in svn : 'before-hg-migration'
2) convert svn -> hg
3) make a tag in hg : 'after-hg-migration'
4) upload to bitbucket

I'll keep you informed on the list (and IRC) about the process, and will 
update the wiki afterward.

Please commit what you have left today (Friday), or then wait for after the 
move and commit on the mercurial repository. We can help people with pending 
patches move them from their svn checkout to their mercurial checkout.

Starting from tomorrow, please do not commit anymore on the KDE svn (well, for 
eigen i mean, feel free to enhance other parts of KDE ;)
thanks to the tag 'before-hg-migration' we can keep track of modification and 
merge if needed, but it will be a lot easier if those modifications are as few 
as possible.

Until the move is done, I encourage those who don't know Mercurial to install 
it and to play a little bit with it (do a checkout, a local commit..).

My favourite tool is 'hg view', which is (shamefully) not enable by default. 
Read the wiki for more information : 

If you have any question, feel free to ask on the mailing list or IRC.

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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