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(Let me try one more time to change the email subject to reflect the offshoot conversation :)

Gael Guennebaud wrote:
according to other discussions, I committed this change, so, e.g.,

m1.real() = m2.imag() + m3;
AFAIK this is not standard c++ and it fails on at least some older compilers: g++ (GCC) 3.2.3 20030502 "non-lvalue in assignment"

According to it may not become standard either since the committee seems to favor mutator functions over lvalues.

The safe "standard" way to do it is something like:
   template <typename _Complex, typename _Scalar>
void set_real( _Complex & a, const _Scalar & b) { a = _Complex( b , a.imag() ); }
(warning: above has not been compiled)

If we tiptoe just a little off the standard path, lets' assume the array[2] layout, which is a fairly safe assumption, then the following should work:
   reinterpret_cast<_Scalar(&)[2]>(a)[0] = a_real_value
   reinterpret_cast<_Scalar(&)[2]>(a)[1] = an_imag_value
and is probably easier for the compiler to optimize correctly.

-- Mark

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