Re: [eigen] FFT for Eigen

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>> Really? The only real() that I can see is const, and anyway, how would
>> we implement that? std::real() and std::imag() only return references
>> with certain GCC implementations while e.g. on GCC 4.0 / Mac they
>> return by value.
>> It seemed to me that allowing that was one of the things that would
>> require us to have our own complex numbers class.
> arf, you are right., one more stupid annoying std limitation....

ok, so, is anyone against adding that:

inline float& ei_real(std::complex<float>& x) { return
reinterpret_cast<float*>(&x)[0]; }
inline float& ei_imag(std::complex<float>& x) { return
reinterpret_cast<float*>(&x)[1]; }

so that we can have real() returning a lvalue ?


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