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2009/5/7 Márton Danóczy <marton78@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> thanks for your comment.
> 1) How can I put it in unsupported, if MatrixBase and PartialRedux
> need to be extended? Using EIGEN_MATRIXBASE_PLUGIN?

The minimal part that goes into MatrixBase and in PartialRedux, stays
there. But the rest, that is the files Statistics and Statistics.h, go
in unsupported.

Right now that looks a bit ridiculous to spread such a small module
over 2 different places, but you mentioned it was intended to grow. If
it were to stay this small, then we could consider just putting all
that into, say, the Array module.

> 2) Do you know where to find some information on how to perform unit
> tests with MSVC?

try this:'s_Corner#Running_the_unit_tests

but i don't know if you need to do something specific to MSVC.


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