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2009/2/3 Keir Mierle <mierle@xxxxxxxxx>:
> What's wrong with that? Having contrib/ be a staging directory seems
> reasonable. As something moves from contrib to core, then the maintainer
> will naturally be able to continue without having to get a different
> account.
> Put another way, what is the harm in being liberal with accounts? (ok, build
> breakage, but did i hear about a continuous build somewhere?)

You're right. It's not a big problem if people get KDE accounts and
only contribute to an unsupported/ directory of Eigen.

_if_ KDE sysadmins ever complain about that, it'll be time to
reconsider, but I shouldn't try to hard to anticipate that. I seem to
remember to have been told not to worry about that.

> We could do this, but it is just more hassle for users.

In the meanwhile, I thought of another issue: preservation of SCM
history across repositories.

> Perhaps rename the contrib directory 'unsupported/' to make it clear that
> code in that directory may format your harddrive.

Good idea.


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