Re: [eigen] [RFC] symbolic computations using eigen

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2009/2/3 Geoffrey Hutchison <geoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Feb 2, 2009, at 5:40 PM, Benoit Jacob wrote:
>>> The classes have been on my hard drive for a while and I thought you may
>>> find these features useful enough for a potential inclusion in Eigen.
>> As for inclusion in Eigen, I think that the main prerequisite for this
>> would be for us to have clear use cases in mind and being confident
>> that we can cover them with good performance.
> One suggestion is that you could offer a "Eigen contributed" repository

Ah, you said _repository_. Interesting.

Working directly in a subdir of eigen2/ makes this work much more available.
But it requires that contrib/ contributors get a KDE SVN account. Keir
is already getting one anyway, and Timothy's been around for a while
so i guess it makes sense that he gets one too. However, should there
be people contributing only to contrib/, it would be strange to get a
KDE account just for that. So that would justify having a separate
repo. We could have a command in eigen2 to fetch it. Tuxfamily could
provide the SVN or Git repo.

I don't know.


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