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Rohit Garg schrieb:
>> For 1), Eigen itself doesn't do any multithreading, but on the plus
>> side, Eigen is stateless so completely (trivially) thread-safe.
> Finally, I come across something that looks like it built for the 21st
> century from day 1. I love you lot. Look here

Getting a bit OT:
Although it's a shame that OpenGL isn't thread save, it doesn't matter.
It's supposed usage in a multithreaded environment is that you've got
one thread that talks to OpenGL and that is getting it's commands from
the other threads. And as most programs don't care about raw OpenGL but
prefer a scenegraph (any program that's not having trivial complexity
usually needs it) you can easily use a multithreaded scenegraph and your
requirements are satisfied.

Multithreading in Eigen is a diffentent thing. Using only small matrices
you don't want a math library to use multithreading - that overhead
would be too intense. If it comes to *big* matrices (big enough so that
they aren't fitting in the cache) then it's great to have multithreading
used by a math lib.
In both cases the math lib should be thread safe, so that *you* can use
it for multithreading.

Eigen is thread safe, so the basic requirement is fullfilled :)
As Eigen is optimized to handle small, fixed size matrices in the best
possible way, any multithreading support would be slowing it down.
And for big matrices I'd use MKL


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