Re: [eigen] Eigen appears to rock.

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Konstantin Heil schrieb:
 > Wow, this is very complicate. What's about
> Point m = p1+0.5*(p2-p1);
> This fits to the geometric immagination. Start on p1 and walk 0.5 the way from 
> p2 to p1. :)
Dear all,
first let me say that you are having a very interesting conversation ;)

and then, I wanted to say about your last sentence, that it fits to
*your* geometric imagination. Mine is e.g. rather 0.5*(p1+p2) and a
parallelogram... I also use eigen for a lot of geometry stuff (for
designing rotor blades, btw, one more use case :)) and I would rather
support Gael's view, though.

> I wish you nice day.
So do I!


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