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On Friday 22 August 2008 15:09:54 Gael Guennebaud wrote:
> For instance, if I want the mid point m of two Points p1 and p2:
> Point m = 0.5*(p1+p2);
> would have to be written:
> Point m = 0.5 * ((p1-Point::Zero()) + (p2-Point::Zero())) + Point::Zero();
> which version is more confusing ?

Wow, this is very complicate. What's about
Point m = p1+0.5*(p2-p1);
This fits to the geometric immagination. Start on p1 and walk 0.5 the way from 
p2 to p1. :)

I wish you nice day.
Konstantin (kostja) Heil    <><

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