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On Sunday 30 March 2008 19:40:06 Johannes Simon wrote:
> I very much like the upper left "professorly" owl, but maybe with a piece
> of chalk in his right wing, and the book under his left wing. What do you
> think? And the hat hanging on his left ear.. wonderful! I love it ;)

I concur, the hanging hat is awesome, and the book under the left wing, as in 
the first drawing, is a very good idea.

As for the chalk, it's how you prefer. As is without chalk, it's already good 
and "professorly" with its raised right wing, especially as the top feather 
looks like a raised finger. But if you like, why not a piece of chalk.

Note: in the top-right drawing I would not have guessed the chalk box; but in 
the drawing of a raised wing holding a piece of chalk, I think that chalk is 

> Regarding the different feathers you proposed (in your sketch) to use for
> the 1 and 0 in the identify matrix - having both, all the ones and the
> zeroes, on his chest would be a little too much, I think. But using
> feathers instead of numbers for the matrix seems like a good idea to me.

100% agree. Just 3 or 4 feathers for the 1's should be enough.

Many thanks,

P.S. do you have access to ftp space where you could upload your drawings? 
That would be even better than sending attachments to this list. But if you 
haven't, that's OK, I asked a TuxFamily admin and 200kB attachments are OK.

>  - Joh
> On Sunday 30 March 2008 20:15:23 David Benjamin wrote:
> > Attached more sketches, we could mix and match the bits of the various
> > owls. (e.g. I think the book works better than the chalk under his
> > left wing.)
> >
> > (Apologies for the incredibly bad "scan"... I do not have easy access
> > to a scanner at the moment, so I used a camera for this (and the
> > previous). My wonderful picture-taking skills also cut off some text,
> > so some of it was rewritten with the GIMP by a left-handed person
> > using a mouse right-handed. :-D)
> >
> > On Sun, Mar 30, 2008 at 5:29 AM, Benoît Jacob <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
> > >  1) Your owl looks quite old/serious, I wonder what could be done to
> > > make it look younger. Maybe it's the shape of the head, with the eyes
> > > very near the feathers that delimit the bottom of the head, which
> > > (remotely) evocates flappy cheeks/eyebags. Maybe you could also
> > > experiment with an open beak, as if it were shouting "eureka!!" or "it
> > > feels good to be a fluffy owl" enthusiastically.
> >
> > Are the new faces better?
> >
> > >  2) About the readability of the identity matrix, especially at smaller
> > > sizes, I'd suggest reducing the number of 1's. Probably 4 are enough.
> >
> > Yes, that seems to work better.
> >
> > >  3) About the professor hat on the stick, I wonder if that will still
> > > be understandable at smaller sizes. The hat's ribbon on the head might
> > > also be harder to understand at smaller sizes.
> >
> > Hrm, maybe. Scaling the sketch down, it's still mostly visible, but it
> > might be somewhat unclear. It also protrudes a lot, which would make
> > the owl smaller on 135x135, which might not be so great.
> >
> > >  4) Maybe (I know I'm pushing it) it's worth experimenting without the
> > > hat and stick, instead rasing the right wing in a professorly way ?
> >
> > Is the upper-left "professorly"? (Ignore the hat on his ear. I
> > couldn't resist. :-D) I'm not really sure how one raises an arm/wing
> > professorly.

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