Re: [casetta] New img_to_basic function (produce smaller programs for simple pictures)

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Choplair a écrit :
2007/4/16, Florian Biree <florian.biree@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
but if anyone know how to get the line of
the last modification, there is no big changes to make the syntax
coloration really working.

I think I'd be able to do so. :p

> Florian : please gemme write access to Casetta's SVN, so I could
> (perhaps, if time) implement some little feature that were on my SoC
> roadmap. Thanks. :-)
If it's not already done, open an account on and
send me your user name, I'll add you to the casetta project.

Hey, I've been on Tuxfamily for ages. My login is simply "choplair". :)
Ok, it's done.

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