[casetta] New img_to_basic function (produce smaller programs for simple pictures)

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Thank you for proposing me an svn account but I think that's not a good idea. I mean, I am a not-experienced programmer and can add bad code and I don't really know how to use svn (I think I could delete all the svn in 10s :-). However, If you are bored with adding my code to the svn, I can accept.

New img_to_basic function

I'm now in holidays and I took advantage of my free time to rewrite this function.
It is now much longer (~200 lines) and constituted of 2 main blocks (separated by big comments) :
- The first main block tries to break down (fr: décomposer) the picture into HORIZONTAL F-lines
- The second main block tries to break down the picture into VERTICAL F-lines.

Each main block contains 3 sub-blocks to detect begin, end of F-lines and one another to continue them.
For each main block, rather than drawing an orphan Plot-on, I store its coords in a plot_table.
There is, at the end of each main block a sub-block which analyses this table and tries to detect VERTICAL F-lines for the first block (contrary to the direction of all the F-lines created by this first main block) and HORIZONTAL F-lines ofr the second (contrary to the direction of all the F-lines created by the second main block).
If what I say is not clear and if you want to understand, read the code ;-). No, seriously, I can re-explain what I did if you don't see what I mean (I suppose that's not very clear).
This new function produces smaller Casio Basic programs for pictures containing lots of Vertical F-lines and simple pictures (not coloured) but the benefit is invisible for coloured pictures like the tux I sent you.

However this function is not perfect :  the best would be to break down the function in less lines (both Vertical and Horizontal F-lines) possible, but I said it before I don't know how to do that.

Casetta Internal transfert tool

It works great :
I have no more fickering for the progress bar (sys.stdout.flush() helped, I think ;-)) no more problems to receive screencaptures.
I can receive pictures,screencaptures, pictures, programs and backups without any issues. Perfectly good :-).

I CAN'T send pictures (in png format, good format because they were previously received by casetta_cli). Here is what I get :
fabien@PCXion345:~/src/casetta/casetta_cli$ ./casetta_cli.py img.png casio

Wait until the calculator is ready...
Header   [==================================================] (100%) 49/49
Picture1 [==================================================] (100%) 1028/1028 (Only 1028 octets transfered ?)
The transfer abort because of a checksum error. Please check your link. (small msitake here : the transfert has just aborted or aborted or aborts)

Nothing is displayed before the progress bar while receiving a screencapture (I think that's intentionnal, so it's OK). Previously, I had also a bug when using the keyword casio if the default tool was not set, It seems to be corrected.

Image extractor from backups

Could you write the raw/cafix picture specifications or explain me how they are stored (by mail) ?
Because it seems that not all the metadata stored in cafix/raw picture files can be found in raw backups.
And I can't understand that pictures take 4111o and screencaptures 3075o, while same data is stored : the metadata must be different.

Casetta_gtk and syntax hilighting

Is Choplar still working on casetta_gtk ?
Can I solve this problem of syntax coloration whitout stealing his job ?
I don't know PyGTK becuase usually, I use PyQt but I will try to look inside Gedit source code and give ideas about improving syntax coloration in casetta

Thank you for reading this loooooooooooong e-mail !
Fabien ANDRE aka Xion345
Linux User #418689 -- fabien.andre.g@xxxxxxxxxx -- xion345@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
World domination. Fast. ( Linus Torvalds, Not dated )

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