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2007/4/16, Fabien ANDRE <fabien.andre.g@xxxxxxxxxx>:



 Casetta_gtk and syntax hilighting

 Is Choplar still working on casetta_gtk ?
 Can I solve this problem of syntax coloration whitout stealing his job ?
 I don't know PyGTK becuase usually, I use PyQt but I will try to look
inside Gedit source code and give ideas about improving syntax coloration in

Choplair actually hasn't concretely started working on Casetta_gtk
yet. He was about to do so very soon, to get familiarized before the
lauching of Google SoC.

But now I've learnt Casetta suddenly got rejected from the SoC because
of lack in respecting delay (>_<"), I'm simply not sure of being able
to work on Casetta during the summer, since I've got to find another
job (than doing SoC) for making some money...

So it's of no problem for me that you make some reflections / work on
that feature. I would of course accepted (if not asked!) any help
during the SoC, so now the SoC has just escaped us (with my complete
devotion to Casetta for weeks/months that accompained it), work on the
GUI by other contributor is very much appreciated / encouraged. You
wouldn't steal my job, you'd save it! :p

*Anyway*, within the last week I really got interested with the
Casetta project, so, SoC or not, I'll be pleased to work on the GUI
(with less energy than priorly excepted, though). Thus, I could
perhaps do some work right now, during some nights...

Florian : please gemme write access to Casetta's SVN, so I could
(perhaps, if time) implement some little feature that were on my SoC
roadmap. Thanks. :-)


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