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Choplair a écrit :
 Casetta_gtk and syntax hilighting

 Is Choplar still working on casetta_gtk ?
Can I solve this problem of syntax coloration whitout stealing his job ?
 I don't know PyGTK becuase usually, I use PyQt but I will try to look
inside Gedit source code and give ideas about improving syntax coloration in

So it's of no problem for me that you make some reflections / work on
that feature. I would of course accepted (if not asked!) any help
during the SoC, so now the SoC has just escaped us (with my complete
devotion to Casetta for weeks/months that accompained it), work on the
GUI by other contributor is very much appreciated / encouraged. You
wouldn't steal my job, you'd save it! :p

About the code of syntax coloration, they have already two quickly coded functions to make the coloration inside casetta_gtk. But I've a problem: I haven't found in the pygtk doc how to get what the user has changed inside the editor, so functions can color only a specified line, but I don't know how to get the line of the last modification... so the coloration is done for all the text. It's not for me a priority, I prefer to work on the core, but if anyone know how to get the line of the last modification, there is no big changes to make the syntax coloration really working.

Florian : please gemme write access to Casetta's SVN, so I could
(perhaps, if time) implement some little feature that were on my SoC
roadmap. Thanks. :-)
If it's not already done, open an account on and send me your user name, I'll add you to the casetta project.


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