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On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 9:12 AM, Peter Wang<novalazy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I did some timing and it takes 0.50 seconds to draw a word of nine
>> characters to a bitmap. Once I remove all calls to the font routines,
>> the game runs at a reasonable framerate.
> Any chance of getting a profile for it?  It should like it should be
> quite useful.
I didn't do any profiling, but I did trace the problem to video sub-bitmaps.

When I changed the font code to use al_create_bitmap(), it took a long
time to load a font, but only about 0.02 seconds to draw. When I set
the MEMORY_BITMAP flag (regardless of sub bitmaps status) it loaded
fast and drew fast.

Matthew Leverton

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