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On 2007-07-21, Matthew Leverton <meffer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There was a 6 month long discussion during the latter half of 2006
> under the name of "Allegro unable to deal with non ascii filenames". I
> haven't read through it, but the current way its handled seems like a
> bad way of doing it. (There's no central point for setting the
> encoding, etc.)

Also I think Grzegorz had a more complete proposal for deal with file name

> I'm guessing that set_file_encoding and get_file_encoding are supposed
> to be public. I don't really like the names of the functions though
> because it's the file _name_ (or path) encoding that's being set. As
> is, it sounds like its the encoding of the file itself. So maybe its
> best that they haven't been documented yet.
> I would think the best way of handling this would be to make those
> functions public, rename them to something that's better, and create a
> default case:
> void set_filename_encoding(int encoding)
> {
>   if (encoding == AUTODETECT_FILENAME_ENCODING   /* for lack of a
> better constant name... */)
>   {
>     // auto detect
>   }
>   else
>     filename_encoding = encoding;
> }
> install_allegro could then call
> set_filename_encoding(AUTODETECT_FILENAME_ENCODING) and we wouldn't
> have to worry about any system driver forgetting to set it.

Ok, I won't try and get this resolved for 4.2.2.  I'll commit your
original patch from the start of the thread.  It's not any worse than
4.2.1, at least.


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