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On 7/8/07, Peter Wang <novalazy@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So should sys_none_init() have a #ifdef for Windows that checks the
> version and sets the flag accordingly?

I'm not sure which is cleaner, your suggestion, or making a copy of the
SYSTEM_NONE driver and modifying it for the Windows port.

Attached is a patch that adds a null windows driver along the lines of
system_none. It's more effort than adding a #ifdef in the default
system_none driver, but it won't encourage people to abuse it. It
should work with the other three patches on my first post. I don't
know what the proper naming conventions are, so change them if need
be. The new patch is basically untested (other than it compiles under
DMC), so it could use a double-checking anyway.

The null Windows driver only sets the private unicode variable, and
not the os_type ones. I figure that is more in line with what
SYSTEM_NONE is supposed to do.

Matthew Leverton

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