Re: [AD] Bug with transparent ellipses

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On 2006-09-04, Victor <vwss1984@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> --- Elias Pschernig <elias@xxxxxxxxxx> escreveu:
> > Well, during development, you will always be in debug mode, and only
> compile in release mode for the release, right?
> Few allegro programmers know that Allegro has a debugging mode (novices
> doesn't know it). Fewer knows how to use debbuging mode, and even fewer
> use it.

It's impossible to know this.  If anyone doesn't know how to use debug
mode, or a debugger, they should learn.

I don't like Allegro's implementation of ASSERT.  In DOS (and in
fullscreen modes generally) we needed to cleanly shut down the program
when an assertion was triggered, but an assert() from assert.h gives
more information than ASSERT() and is better with a debugger.


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