Re: [AD] Bug with transparent ellipses

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Elias Pschernig wrote:
The docs say this:
"In DRAW_MODE_TRANS, the global color_map table or truecolor blender
functions are used to overlay pixels on top of the existing image. This
must only be used after you have set up the color mapping table
Yes, you're right and I was doing that. I just forgot it in the example.
I've fixed the problem but in a weird way. I was passing negative radius values
to ellipsefill and every so often it would crash. I see that ellipsefill
does do checks on the radius's so I don't know how it could have had
anything to do with it but if I check myself the problem goes away. I guess
there's probably some bug in my code somewhere that I still haven't found.
Anyway thanks for the help once again.

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