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> Selon Eric Botcazou <ebotcazou@xxxxxxxxxx>:
>> > I think this came up before, but couldn't find a reference to it.
>> Yes, we had this kind of problem with the SVGAlib module, but we
>> "fixed" it  by not unloading the module on exit.  In light of your
>> diagnostic, I can't  figure out the rationale anymore...

The rationale was that SVGAlib registers its own shutdown function with
atexit(), and so if the SVGAlib module was unloaded, the atexit mechanism
would be left with a dangling function reference.

> The rationale for not unloading the module on exit ? I don't know. It
> sure is  *much* easier. In the case of the arts driver, I considered
> doing this, but  what if the user calls remove_sound() in the middle of
> the program ? The sound  wouldn't really be removed... this could be
> reasonable, though.

The sound system could be shut down whilst leaving the module loaded in

> I have found a problem with the patch I proposed: each time
> install_sound is  called, a new function is registered with atexit. This
> doesn't break anything,  and my solution still works, but this could be
> considered a memory leak... I'll  think some more about it tonight.

If it's the same problem as the SVGAlib module, then your patch won't work.

> Argh! This atexit stuff is a real mess :-)

Worst. Design. Ever.

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