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Selon Eric Botcazou <ebotcazou@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> > I think this came up before, but couldn't find a reference to it.
> Yes, we had this kind of problem with the SVGAlib module, but we "fixed" it 
> by not unloading the module on exit.  In light of your diagnostic, I can't 
> figure out the rationale anymore...

The rationale for not unloading the module on exit ? I don't know. It sure is 
*much* easier. In the case of the arts driver, I considered doing this, but 
what if the user calls remove_sound() in the middle of the program ? The sound 
wouldn't really be removed... this could be reasonable, though.

I have found a problem with the patch I proposed: each time install_sound is 
called, a new function is registered with atexit. This doesn't break anything, 
and my solution still works, but this could be considered a memory leak... I'll 
think some more about it tonight.

Argh! This atexit stuff is a real mess :-)

Julien Cugnière

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