Re: [AD] System bitmap bug (fix)

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> blit(fake_system_bitmap, screen, ...);
> The blit code checks for the presence of a system bitmap, then calls the
> system bitmap vtable entries.

Do you mean that it calls dest->vtable->blit_from_system() instead of 
dest->vtable->blit_from_memory()? If so, I think you should provide the 
blit_from_system method and, more generally, all blit methods of the vtable.

See for example the X11 driver (src/x/xvtable.c) that doesn't support system 
bitmaps either. Note that exunicod uses system bitmaps and, AFAIK, runs on 
every gfx driver so providing all methods seems to be a requirement.

Eric Botcazou

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