Re: [AD] System bitmap bug (fix)

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Eric Botcazou wrote:
This patch (applied) fixes a crash bug related to user programs using
system bitmaps on graphic drivers that don't support system bitmaps
(namely, AllegroGL).

This shoudn't lead to a crash in the first place. If the driver doesn't support system bitmaps, Allegro should be able to automatically piggy back on the memory bitmaps engine. If this is not the case, the bug is in the piggyback code.

What are the circumstances of the crash?

blit(fake_system_bitmap, screen, ...);

The blit code checks for the presence of a system bitmap, then calls the system bitmap vtable entries.

That's not the exact wording. Quoting the docs:
" Not every platform implements this type of bitmap: if they aren't available, create_system_bitmap() will function identically to create_bitmap()."

My interpretation (and probably the original intent) is that it must pretend the bitmap is a system bitmap anyway, i.e calling create_system_bitmap() always returns a bitmap for which the BMP_ID_SYSTEM flag is set.

The rationale is that the user-visible behaviour of Allegro should stay the same, whatever really happens under the hood.

Ah, I see. This seems like an overkill though, as having a simple memory bitmap (with no special flags) seems like the simplest and less bug-prone option.

- Robert Jr Ohannessian

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