Re: [AD] keyboard recalcitrant under X

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Vincent Penquerc'h wrote:
> > Maybe it should be reformulated to "anyone using the fr.cfg
> > mapping", of
> > course Vincent who uses qwerty mapping won't need it, even if his
> > keyboard has the azerty letters printed on it :)
> My point was more, he can easily test it on his own machine
> by switching mappings, without having to find people from various
> countries :)

If I understood correctly, X only gives you key events that are already 
translated to the "fr" mapping (or whatever you choose in XF86Config), 
whereas allegro wants to work with raw qwerty scancodes, no matter what the 
keyboard is (ie. pressing A on an azerty keyboard should set key[KEY_Q]). So 
scancode are not localized, but unicodes are, using fr.cfg.

So basically, under X we need to map:
   1. from azerty to qwerty for the scancodes (using xkeymap),
   2. from qwerty back to azerty for the unicodes (using fr.cfg)!

(2) is done by fr.cfg alright, but (1) right now seems to require the manual 
use of tools/x11/xkeymap, unless your keyboard is set as qwerty under X, and 
thus already produces correct scancodes.

So I have no problem with fr.cfg, and can indeed try switching it by myself 
:), but my question was wether every azerty user out there would need to 
create the same xkeymap mapping, or if it was somehow system dependent... or 
more generaly, I wonder wether this problem affects every non-qwerty user (as 
I think it should), or if it is only Elias and me :)

Voila, I hope I made myself clearer this time, and am not getting too annoying 
pressing this issue ;)

Julien Cugnière

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