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Vincent Penquerc'h <vincent@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> This patch adds MSG_* GUI messages for mouse button presses and
> releases.


> I know this was going to be included in a larger patch for GUI, but I 
> need it and had implemented workarounds in my game to "emulate" this in 
> a dirty way.

No problem adding just this part of the bigger thing first, though. I 
don't know what happened to that larger GUI overhaul, anyway.

> The only thing I am not really sure about is why there are so many goto 
> getout; statements; 

It's trying to prioritise the various things that might need to be done. 
Doesn't make much of a difference these days, but on things like the 
Atari ST it gave much better responsiveness if you deal with some sorts 
of event in preference to others, when more than one thing happens at the 
same time.

> my version will send messages for all presses and releases detected at 
> a a time. If this is a problem (but I don't see why there would be), 
> feel free to add them betweem my SendMessage calls.

No problem for something like this. It's just useful if for example you 
take care to always deal with keypresses before you bother redrawing 
background objects, etc...

Shawn Hargreaves - shawn@xxxxxxxxxx -
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