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Stepan Roh <sroh7497@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> I suggest to have a web-based patch tracker system. I saw one on 
> Freeciv, it's called Jitterbug, but they use it very inconsistently so 
> some patches are there and some are not :-(

The trouble with anything so organised, though, is that it all breaks 
down if people don't use it 100% consistently, and in my experience they 
rarely do (for instance I'd hate to have to keep going online to update a 
web thing while I was in the middle of patch merging, so I'd probably 
keep forgetting to update the status). I'd suggest trying something 
simpler to start with (probably just email coordination), and then only 
upgrade to a 'proper' system if that turns out to have problems...

Shawn Hargreaves - shawn@xxxxxxxxxx -
"A binary is barely software: it's more like hardware on a floppy disk."

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