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At 09:34 25/04/00 +0200, you wrote:
>I've modified the existing functions to call their flipping counterparts
>with 0, 0, and I've used those (condition ? statement1 :
>statement2)  statements inside the routine, to save having to copy out all
Wouldn't that slow down the normal routines
due to the extra checks?

That's what I said in the next sentence, which you've not quoted here. But as I said, you'd have to copy out all the code a second time if flipping is not enabled. I suppose in fact this is probably what's done with the normal draw_sprite_v/h/vh_flip functions, so I'll resubmit another patch later with it done that way. Incidentally, is there anything I need to add to any header files other than allegro.h to get these functions to work with MSVC? They work fine in DJGPP for me, but when I try to compile my game in VC it says 'unresolved externals rotate_sprite_h_flip' etc.
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