[AD] get_executable_name: documentation <-> source inconsistency

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Strangely it's documented that get_executable_name returns char*, but it
doesn't. Since it's more than one place where the function is declared as
void, and I don't know what's the preferred behaviour, I chose the easy
way to patch the only place where it's declared as char: the docs.

--- allegro._tx.old2    Tue Apr 25 01:41:40 2000
+++ allegro._tx Tue Apr 25 01:42:48 2000
@@ -4700,7 +4700,7 @@
 always begin with the 32 bit value F_PACK_MAGIC, and autodetect files
 the value F_NOPACK_MAGIC.

-@domain.hid *@get_executable_name(char *buf, int size);
+@@void @get_executable_name(char *buf, int size);
    Fills buf with the full path to the current executable, returning at most
    size bytes.

Incredible, one line patch taking several lines space ;-)

 Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz  (gradha@xxxxxxxxxx - http://gradha.infierno.org)
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