Re: [AD] text_mode and Windows DLL

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Doug Eleveld wrote:
> I wrote the AllegTTF library (a truetype font loader) and some people who use Allegro and MSVC have complained that AllegTTF won't compile.
> The problem seems to be that AllegTTF needs to be able to find out the _text_mode variable before it can try and render the text string.
> I see two possible solutions here:
> 1) export (or whatever that means) the _text_mode variable in the DLL
> 2) Change the text_mode function to return and int and return the old _text_mode so I can call text_mode twice to find out whether or not to draw the background behind the text.

It's "_textmode", and it should be public already.  I've accessed it in
Linux and it shows up in the Windows DLL definition file.

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