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On 6/21/23 13:53, Miroslav Lichvar wrote:
> Intel I210

Ok I wasn't aware that this card could also input 1PPS signals, when reading about
timestamping and network cards I immediately assumed the use with PTP.

Unfortunately many older GPSDO output ridiculously short 1PPS pulses.  We already
have to devise something to make the pulse acceptable for RS232 DCD, and that
is mostly for the same reasons.  (I submitted a kernel patch for the serial port
line discipline to allow shorter pulses, but it was rejected)

Serial port is not an absolute requirement, it just would be convenient.  A USB serial
cable works as well (for monitoring of the GPSDO and receiving the absolute time info).

At least this card has the price that we need...  of course because it is a volume item.


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