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On Mon, Dec 07, 2020 at 01:43:25PM +0000, Chang, Benjamin wrote:
> My issue is that when I restart chrony, delete the ntp, and re-add the ntp but with the correct offset, it only then synchronizes to my refclock PPS half the time. I want it to consistently sync to the PPS after.

By how much do you change the offset? And if you don't mind me asking,
why do you change it?

> When it fails to sync to the PPS afterwards, the PPS' status is stuck as '?,' or itll say its synced but the LastRX never resets/resets after a couple minutes despite ppswatch and ppstest showing/recognizing a PPS every second (with it being at poll 3). 

That indicates the offset between the NTP source and PPS source is too

> So that was my aforementioned issue I noticed. When I try "chronyc selectdata" or "chronyc selectdata -a" I get a unrecognized command return.

selectdata is only in chrony-4.0.

> My issue with the local directive is that from my understanding reading it, it makes chronyd to be an ntp server when I want it to be synced to an external ntp and then a PPS. (I am trying to sync multiple devices, so the local command would appear to make everything unsynchronized).

Yes, local should be avoided. It could be useful if you didn't have an
NTP source and wanted to trust the local clock to be close to the true
time. But that doesn't seem to be the case here.

Miroslav Lichvar

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