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Is there any way to add a refclock via a chronyc call similar to “chronyc add server?” I am trying to have my system sync to an ntp server first with an offset and then sync to a reference clock (a PPS). I want it so that when I start my code, it’ll execute everything via the system(“chronyc “) c call, which prevents me from just having the offset in the conf file since you can’t edit the conf file indirectly.


I’ve tried restarting chrony, then delete the ntp, reading the ntp with the offset, and then makestep. That works, but then itll only sync to the PPS half the time. Is there some combination of adding prefer and trust to make it work? I tried adding prefer and trust to the PPS and its still a gamble.

I’ve tried looking into the selectdata call, but that doesn’t seem to work?



Thank you


Benjamin Chang

Research Engineer I


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