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Dear group

Sorry for bothering about basics, but last weekend DST change brought it to my attention.

Chronyd manual states for "rtconutc" option that "chronyd assumes by default that the RTC keeps local time".
I am mainly using RHEL/CentOS hosts where systemd's timedatectl states for "set-local-rtc" that it expects UTC for RTC and additionally:
"Note that maintaining the RTC in the local timezone is not fully supported and will create various problems with time zone changes and daylight saving adjustments. "

I keep UTC for RTC on my hosts but do not use "rtconutc" in my chrony configs and everything is ok, I never observed chrony trying to set local time to RTC. So I am a bit puzzled with all of that. Is it expected and does it mean chrony checks that I have UTC for RTC automatically?

Thanks in advance
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