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On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 07:47:56PM +0200, Ariel Garcia wrote:
> > Ok, I think chronyd switching to a fallback drift when no update of
> > the clock was made in 2^13 seconds explains the unsynchronized status
> > ( entries in the tracking log). That's actually how it was
> > designed to work. I think it could be improved to keep the current
> > reference and adjust the dispersion rate to allow it to operate as an
> > NTP server and make the tracking report useful.
> Ok. I'm misinterpreting the fallbackdrift documentation then (or it is perhaps 
> a bit misleading), since it says: "They (drifts) are used when the clock is no 
> longer synchronised ...".  From what i understand 
>    "synchronized" == "a reference is set"
> so the fallback drift causes the reference to be lost, and not the other way 
> around.

Hm, yes, it's confusing. It changed when chrony was updated to NTPv4
(chrony-2.0). Before that, the fallback drift was activated only if
there was no reference, but that's a rare case in NTPv4, so it always
activates. I'll try to fix the description.

> I would like to make sure that a reference source stays selected even if the 
> network is offline, at least until chrony estimates the clock may get way too 
> off (eg, greater than 1s):  i  poll chrony with 
> 	"chronyc waitsync 1 1 500"
> every 5 minutes to make sure it is still sync'ed, and trigger a network 
> connection if not.
> Shall i simply remove the fallbackdrift setting in that case?

Yes, or increase the fallbackdrift minimum interval to a value where
you would consider the clock to no longer be synchronized.

Miroslav Lichvar

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